The purpose and nature of counselling…

 The purpose and nature of counselling and psychotherapy are helping people with their emotional crisis on how to solve those problems and make their own decisions. Usually is a dialogue between two people or a group where one person is a counsellor and others called patients. Counselling should have a non-judgemental role with good listening skills. Counselling help resolve some problems but never give advice or directly encourage.
By counselling, we can try resolve problems but we never can expect the counsellor resolve the issue for us. Counselling is known as psychotherapy as well as a part of psychology. It is needed where we have difficult feelings which are discomposed in basic life. The profession of counselling we can find it in many areas as a teacher and youth workers and all education area where they will direct young people to a counsellor can be a counsellor himself. Also in accident and disaster time to counsel the victim and their families and many different events during the life, like pre-marriage counselling, divorce. Change job, stress related to job or any traumas since birth to death.

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Basically, counselling takes place when two people can talk in confidential and private where a client can explore himself. Where in a professional way the client can understand his life. All the issue discussed in the session should be confidential and never share with other people. By counselling or therapy, we should expect understood own feelings, build confidence and receive empathy.

As we know counselling and psychotherapy are similar roles nevertheless counselling can be used in basic sessions whereas psychotherapy is used to deal with the deep-rooted issue.

A counsellor can help when it is properly prepared for the profession and has the appropriate education too. The counsellor could help others when people can’t manage themselves, when they hold depression or any mood disorder or some life problems like divorce, eating problems, sexual health, trauma, anxiety or addiction.

A counsellor could help in many places where it’s needed and where the profession is required, such as workplace, schools, police station, nurse home or disability society, on the disaster, catastrophe or any accidents and in many voluntary agencies.