Workplace situations where counselling can be effective…

The counselling in the workplace can be effective in many situations such as stress, depression, anxiety, bullying, physically abusive, discrimination, racism and lots of different issues. Counselling in the workplace can expansion defensiveness, increased ability to express themselves, improved relationships with other people and increased self-esteem what can be very effective and so helpful.
Each case is different and requires individual consideration. One of them can be stress in the workplace for instance where the person is stressed by someone or by situations like working under pressure. Counselling in the workplace can be effective as well to help the member of staff better control stress, personal issues and work-related problems. Some people bring their problems to the workplace which can make an effect on other employees. Providing counselling at the workplace we can reduce all the symptoms above.

Stress appears in everyday life, although we need a little bit to the own functioning of the body, unfortunately often is too big and does not allow us to normal activity and perhaps change own behaviour. May have an effect on own system, organs and over the body. Modern life is full of frustration and demands, every day we try to be better than others.

Some symptoms of stress and causes can be as follow.

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  • difficulty falling asleep, insomnia

disturbing thoughts may occur during the rest, lack of  answers to our questions, not transient stress after the last day of work where the stress situation occurred during the day and we are unable to deal with it 

  • alcohol, and other drugs consumption to achieve relax, isolating yourself from others,

by drinking alcohol we try to forget our worries and ailments of everyday life. Unfortunately, frequent drinking does not improve our wellbeing but only worsens the situations that can happen in many stress live situations.

  • concentration and memory problems 

can appear when we work too hard, begin too busy or when we have too many expectations and try to be perfect  

  • anxiety or panic attacks, feeling tired and easily upset or overreaction,

that  situations may appear when you are in constant stress due to school, work or relationship difficulties even marriage or pregnancy 

  • loss sex drive, poor judgmental, seen negative thinks

can appear during change school, divorce, loss of a job, or death 

  • chronic worries and perfectionism

can appear during expect  birth or visit some member of the family 

If the stress doesn’t persist and we will be long dwell in a stressful situation we can expect more serious health problems like a heart attack, dizziness, aches, chest pain and other heart problems.

“To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time.”

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