The relationship.

The existence of humanity is a paradox. We were born alone as an individual creature who is created as a social animal. In this existence, we must remain in our private life, but with the persistent building of human relation. For example, we organise our existence with a companion, staying in touch with the family. We travel with others to a similar destination. Only in a few situations, we remain lonely without the interaction of the other person in our lives so no doubt we have no desire to live alone, we need a relationship. With people in companies or individuals in connection with blood or by marriage. It is an enthusiastic and sexual affiliation. (Cozolino, 2014).

A relationship is one of the most difficult and complicated aspects of life but also the most beautiful form of existence. To hold a healthy relationship is vital to have good self-esteem, trust, honesty, communication and connection. Self-love has a strong, cherishing association with another person, and know-how to love yourself. Self-esteem takes a more grounded ability to love others. It opens a person up to encountering love without fear. Self-esteem makes more grounded, and when two self-cherishing people get together, they can encounter the maximum capacity of adoration with trust and adequate communication. (Satir, 1988). A relationship could be appearing to be primarily as a general process, however, remain in, and physical existent in that connection is not that straightforward, and never was. One of the real establishments of the framework that oversees us has been the way that we are exceptionally subject to others for our survival. (Maslow, 1988). The first occurrence in our lives where we can see this confidence is the season of our introduction to the world, we are conceived inside a womb and are depended entirely on our mothers all the sustenance that we get at that beginning time when our body is being developed.

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We are depending on the quality of human connections to survive and flourish. We are naturally introducing to the world powerless, feeble, and needing physical and passionate sustaining. Promptly, we connect with secure our first connections. These unique connections are urgent in forming a lifetime of associations with others. According to John Bowlby attachment theory relationship between caregivers and children is a connection between the newborn child and its mother. This relationship develops during childhood and evolves into adult life. (Bowlby,1997) The mature life is depended on child attachment in early life stage. The quality of the first human relationship gives way into the future, characterising what is understandable. Which is mean that primary caregivers are responsible for their child and have a significant influence on their future behaviour?