Social Skills and Personal Boundries

Social Skills and Personal Boundries are the next part of becoming a Good Enough Counsellor. Today we will talk about sociall skills and the interaction and the use of the theraputic approach. Also, I will discuss the boundries you can find in the counselling room i.e. during a social activity.

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Social and communication skills.
What are these skills and why they are important?
Excellent social skills are beneficial, it is a talent which helps us to survive in the mass, and especially on the first meeting or during the first therapeutic session for the client and they feel uncomfortable because the relationship is entirely new.
Sometimes we are referred to another professional, so the therapist needs the social skills necessary to engage with the other professional business.

Communication skills are essential in the counselling skills package, no more or less like in private life. Sometimes we are not willing to meet with anyone and go far from crowded places. It is not that we necessarily suffer from social anxiety, it is just our ability to cope with a particular situation and rooted in our personality. A therapist with excellent social and communication skills, is more effective and builds a positive therapeutic relationship with ease. They are more creative and possess greater confidence and assertiveness. Also, excellent communication yields a more favourable result for clients. Communication skills include verbal and nonverbal, and showing understanding through skills like: attentive body language, eye contact and silence.
During education and refresher courses in clinical psychology, you’ll notice a typical aspect of transference and against transference. The information you receive is an important tool to get a comprehensive picture of what a person wants to say. The problem may arise when your own experience mingles with the statement of our interlocutor.
This state of affairs will overwhelm the real picture. In this situation, it is worth knowing our boundaries and knowing which content belongs to the caller and which is our personal part.

The skill of maintaining proper boundaries is essential to providing a healthy and productive counselling practice and personal wellbeing. This skill is necessary for both the client’s welfare and our well-being as practitioners. These boundaries are usually established by contracting in the first therapy session and have to follow the professional body’s codes of ethics and practice. For good practice, a counsellor has to avoid dual relationships, any sexual and personal contact, or an inappropriate relationship with the client.

A client has to know about the timeframe which is intended for the counselling session and has to be informed about confidentiality and the sharing of personal information according to established laws. The breaking of confidentiality applies especially in cases of child protection, instances where violence is occurring against someone, or where a person is a danger to themselves or others.
Those bouondries are important for us to control and establish a healthy relationship between people, and not anly in the counselling room.

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