Do you accept your self?

Today he blog is writing according to actualizing tendency and locus of evaluation. What is that? It is superconscious and internal wisdom, a source of fully functioning person and self-awareness by understanding and acceptance. That is the most significant moments and experience, but not only in therapy but in whole own life. That is the … Continue reading Do you accept your self?

What a Counsellor and Psychotherapist have to learn…?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Yes, that the questions. What counsellors and psychotherapist have to learn to be good enough to help others who suffer from mental health and personal dilemmas. The first is personal development and professional integrations. Including personal counselling sessions and then clients work to gathering an experience. Yes, the counsellor students have … Continue reading What a Counsellor and Psychotherapist have to learn…?

Criticism of Freud Theory.

Photo by Marcin Bogucki Freud's theory has been repeatedly criticised for pansexuality and extreme naturalism. It was argued that Freud in his psychological analyses ignores the importance of the influence of the environment on the development of the individual. Freud told his opponents that sexual instincts deserved to be distinguished, because as the only instinct … Continue reading Criticism of Freud Theory.

Psychoanalytic interventions and techniques in a therapeutic context.

This artical will be more longer then previouse one. For your information the first part of the text is edited to avoid a similarity in other texts from the same field. Also I include a bit from a dream work, from personal practice to more understanding and bring you a bit closer for the work. … Continue reading Psychoanalytic interventions and techniques in a therapeutic context.

The role of defence mechanisms

Defence mechanisms arise during stressful situations. Our Ego is responsible for stimulating defence mechanisms in the mind. Photo by Digital Buggu on This Ego is related to a judge whose role is to satisfy both Id and Superego's requirements. The pressure of these forces causes anxiety and fear in individuals. In order to defend … Continue reading The role of defence mechanisms

The psychosexual stages of development.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Freud first published his ideas on psychosexual development in a book called “Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality”. It was published in 1905. Freud believed personality problems we have in adulthood, were the results of early experiences in childhood. A key concept related to psychoanalysis concerning the development … Continue reading The psychosexual stages of development.

Drives and Instincts.

In Previous Post, I was talking about Ego, Id and Superego. Today I want to say a bit more about our psychoanalytic mind and introduce the Drives and Instincts of our mind. A publication of Freud’s book “Beyond the Pleasure Principle” in 1920, gives the reader explanations how the drives and instincts which consists of … Continue reading Drives and Instincts.

The Id, Ego and Superego.

Today will be continuous of Freud's Psycholanalitical thinking, includiding the Id, Ego & Superego In the 1920’s, Sigmund Freud named three parts of the human mind which were the basis for the structure of the personality. Freud named these as being the Id, which is concerned with the pleasure principle. The ego was involved with … Continue reading The Id, Ego and Superego.

The structure of the mind.

According to the theory of the mind of Sigmund Freud (1856–1939), intellectual abilities of individuals arise from a mental mechanism that develops in grouping and within three objects; id, ego and super ego. This gives rise to his theory called psychoanalysis. Freud trusted that people could be relieved by passing on to their consciousness their … Continue reading The structure of the mind.

Love and sexuality in the human relationship.

Our sexuality could be weak or strong, and the sex is the central aspects of the partner relationship which could be motivated or demotivate for all of us. Love, together with awareness and understanding, is what brings us into a relationship with the people and things around us. In essence, love is a relationship (Frankl, … Continue reading Love and sexuality in the human relationship.