Criticism of Freud Theory.

Photo by Marcin Bogucki Freud's theory has been repeatedly criticised for pansexuality and extreme naturalism. It was argued that Freud in his psychological analyses ignores the importance of the influence of the environment on the development of the individual. Freud told his opponents that sexual instincts deserved to be distinguished, because as the only instinct … Continue reading Criticism of Freud Theory.

Psychoanalytic interventions and techniques in a therapeutic context.

This artical will be more longer then previouse one. For your information the first part of the text is edited to avoid a similarity in other texts from the same field. Also I include a bit from a dream work, from personal practice to more understanding and bring you a bit closer for the work. … Continue reading Psychoanalytic interventions and techniques in a therapeutic context.

The structure of the mind.

According to the theory of the mind of Sigmund Freud (1856–1939), intellectual abilities of individuals arise from a mental mechanism that develops in grouping and within three objects; id, ego and super ego. This gives rise to his theory called psychoanalysis. Freud trusted that people could be relieved by passing on to their consciousness their … Continue reading The structure of the mind.