The psychosexual stages of development.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Freud first published his ideas on psychosexual development in a book called “Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality”. It was published in 1905. Freud believed personality problems we have in adulthood, were the results of early experiences in childhood. A key concept related to psychoanalysis concerning the development … Continue reading The psychosexual stages of development.

Drives and Instincts.

In Previous Post, I was talking about Ego, Id and Superego. Today I want to say a bit more about our psychoanalytic mind and introduce the Drives and Instincts of our mind. A publication of Freud’s book “Beyond the Pleasure Principle” in 1920, gives the reader explanations how the drives and instincts which consists of … Continue reading Drives and Instincts.

Love and sexuality in the human relationship.

Our sexuality could be weak or strong, and the sex is the central aspects of the partner relationship which could be motivated or demotivate for all of us. Love, together with awareness and understanding, is what brings us into a relationship with the people and things around us. In essence, love is a relationship (Frankl, … Continue reading Love and sexuality in the human relationship.