How we build a self esteem ?

Photo by Marcin Bogucki The Personal Development is a long process of human puzzling. Many different stages of our life create something new. It exists every time something important or useful occurs in rest of our being. In this post I will touch base on the Rogerian Theory and I will continue with the Introduction … Continue reading How we build a self esteem ?

The Humanistic Approaches.

Photo by Marcin Bogucki Introduction to Humanistic and Existentialism approaches in Counselling and Psychotherapy. This title will be with us for next 3 post where I try to explain a bit of Humanistic and Existentialism approaches. The humanistic and existentialism approaches derive from ancient Greece and Rome and were delivered by the 19th century. After … Continue reading The Humanistic Approaches.

What else can work for my anxiety?

Photo by Marcin Bogucki Regarding the previous post "My Anxiety and CBT" the research for Cognitive Behavior Therapy show evidence of well-working other therapies with these approaches as well. That will be: Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT)Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) ACT has six principles; Cognitive diffusion,Acceptance,Contact with the present moment,Observing the Self,Values,Committed … Continue reading What else can work for my anxiety?

My Anxiety and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

Photo by Dom J on Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Anxiety Disorder. An essential first step in overcoming a psychological problem(otherwise known as “psychoeducation") is to learn more about it. Learning about personal problems can give the comfort of knowing that you are not alone and that others have also found helpful strategies to overcome … Continue reading My Anxiety and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

Anxiety as a psychological disorder from a different perspective.

Photo by Marcin Bogucki Individuals cannot rest, individuals cannot eat, individuals cannot discuss. All they can do is just think about how to get things done to get rid of fear. Which constantly puts pressure on things that will most likely never happen, and makes unwanted considerations that can lead to depression and support other … Continue reading Anxiety as a psychological disorder from a different perspective.

Remote counselling therapy.

Remote Therapy is a form of psychotherapy or other psychological therapy in which a trained psychotherapist meets with the client to an interview by telephone, internet or other electronic media. Remote contact is to substitution, the conventional practice of face to face. There are four different forms of remote contact counselling  The first one can … Continue reading Remote counselling therapy.